Technical activities

Study Committee C1 was created following the restructuring of CIGRE in 2002, some of its work follows on from the former SC 37 and its mandate is focused on the issues surrounding the development and economics of power systems.  This has enabled it to concentrate on the key strategic decisions faced by transmission and generation companies at the development phase, decisions which are fundamental to the companies in setting their future operating costs (capital expenditure, maintenance costs) and which may impact on overall system security/reliability. In establishing study activities the SC members must consider the technical aspects of power systems; the requirements and expectations of customers that use the power systems; new technologies which lower cost and/or enhance system capacity or service quality; total asset lifetime issues and the overall business impact.

As such the members of C1 must have an appreciation of all parts of the industry and business processes to ensure their work encompasses the issues facing countries where markets define the structure of the industry as well as those countries where a vertical structure remains appropriate.

The scope of C1 can be categorised into three main themes: Asset Management, System Development, Business Environment. Advisory Groups for each of these subject areas identify the target groups for these subjects and the corresponding working group activities.  This report outlines the activities completed and in progress in these areas.  The work of the Advisory Groups is to anticipate emerging issues within the industry and recommend working group activities to examine these issues. Where possible the target group will be encouraged to become engaged in the work through its CIGRE member.  In this way the working group reports will have increased value and relevance within the industry.  Many of the issues of interest within the industry will span more than one SC.  This will require SC’s working in partnership to an agreed scope of work and timetable.

Younger members are encouraged to get engaged in the activities of C1 to help maintain interest in becoming regular/observer members in the future. Succession of Regular members is important to maintain the continuity of work.  The former SC 37 pioneered tutorials with the first in 1999 on the restructuring taking place in the industry, the sharing of knowledge in this way continues in SC C1.