C1.24 - TB 572 - Table of Contents

Executive Summary7
WG Scope7
Structure of the TB7
Key Finding8
Recommendations for Further Work12
Chapter 1 Introduction14
Quantifying the economics benefits of transmission system expansion15
Terms of reference and membership16
Relationship to other CIGRE work16
Approach taken by the WG17
Organisation of the TB17
Chapter 2 Economic Benefits of Transmission and Optimal Transmission Development Plans19
Elements of transmission planning19
Literature review of transmission planning methods24
Definitions of benefit25
Investment costs of new infrastructure27
Cost-benefit analysis: a multi-criteria approach28
Chapter 3 Establishing current practice35
Previous CIGRE work and other literature35
Case studies and WG experience36
Summary of Case Studies39
Survey Development41
Chapter 4 Current Practice43
Survey respondent information43
Range of benefits captured44
Modelling approaches45
Treatment of uncertainty54
Impact of industry structure (differences between regulated and deregulated)60
Differences between approaches used in different time horizons61
Chapter 5 Gaps in Current Practice63
Classification of Survey Responses63
Best Practice75
Modelling tools issues79
Chapter 6 Conclusions81
Future Work83
Appendix A - WG Terms of Reference85
Appendix B – Supporting Material on TEP Methods and Economic Benefits87
TEP methods87
Worked example – calculating economic benefits93
Appendix C - Case studies assessing economic benefits97
Case study 1: United Kingdom97
Case study 2: New Zealand101
Case study 3: New Zealand103
Case study 4: Chile105
Case study 5: Australia107
Case study 6: United States 110
Appendix D – Survey results112