Technical Brochures

This page lists all Technical Brochures (TB) published by C1.  All TBs can be downloaded from e-cigre and soft copies are free to members of Cigre.  Hard copies may be purchased by members and non-members alike.

Transmission Asset Risk Management - Progress in Application - C1.25 (2014) - TB 597
This TB provides insight into the application of Asset Management (AM), risk management and the information needed to prepare for future AM challenges. The TB contains several examples of AM analysis as applied to asset sustainment, an overview of data requirements and CIGRÉ work on development of failure statistics and an overview of risk-based methodologies for AM management decision-making.  Click here to see the Table of Contents.

Green field network, designing future networks ignoring existing constraint - C1.19 (2014) - TB 579
This WG examined power system architecture design without any constraints except four such as generation distribution, demand distribution, land condition, and acceptable reliability. For a fictitious region for the green field network designing ten designs were received. The finding is that the knowledge planners use is classified into two types; tacit knowledge and explicit ones. They need to understand that they utilize both types of knowledge to design uncertain network.  Click here to see the Table of Contents.

Tools for Economically Optimal Transmission Development Plans - C1.24 (2014) - TB 572
This TB documents international experience regarding the application of tools and approaches for assessing the economic benefits delivered by transmission expansion projects. The TB presents insights regarding current practices gained from an international survey of transmission planning practices, reviews of literature and case studies. Best practice techniques are identified as well as gaps in current techniques identified by the desire of survey respondents to adopt more spohisticated analysis tools and methods. Click here to see the Table of Contents.