C1 activities span the date range 20-24 August 2014

Saturday 20th August:          09:00 - 10:30, C1 Management Meeting (Konni, Peter,

                                                                  Special Reporters, AG and WG Convenors - Room 126)

Saturday 20th August:          11:00 - 18:00, C1 Closed Meeting (All) - Room 243

Saturday 20th August:          19:30 - 23:00, C1 Dinner (All, including partners/guests)

Monday 22nd August:           12:30 - 16:30, Special Reporters meet Contributors

                                                                           (Konni and Peter to attend also)

Tuesday 23rd August:           08:30 - 18:00, C1 Technical Meeting (All) 

Wednesday 24th August:      08:30 - 12:30, C1 Poster Session

Wednesday 24th August:      14:30 - 18:00, C1 Closed Meeting (All) - Room 341 (Breakouts in 213 & 312)


The following Working Groups will meet in Paris.  Please contact the Convenor if you would like to join one of these meetings.  Contact details will be available in your conference pack.

WGWG DescriptionConvenorRoomMeeting Date/Time
C1.15Review the drivers for transmission investment decisions and the role of technical planning criteria in transmission investmentA. Sleator301Wed 24 August (am)
C1.22New investment decision processes required to deal with changing economic driversO. Herz126Thur 25 August (pm)
C1.27The future of reliabilityJ. Palermo221Thur 25 August (am)
C1.30Technical risks and solutions from periodic, large surpluses or deficits of available renewable generation in a particular areaC. Schorn128Wed 24 August (am)

Including stakeholders in the investment planning process

[Convenor has confirmed that he will book a room]

A. CroesTBD 
C1.32Establishing best practice approaches for developing credible electricity demand and energy forecasts for network planningG. Ancell121Thur 25 August (pm)
C1.33Interface & Allocation Issues in multi-party and/or cross-jurisdiction power infrastructure projectsA. Iliceto121Thur 25 August (am)
C1.34ISO Series 55000 Standards: General Process Assessment Steps and Information Requirements for UtilitiesB. Neijens136, 137Sun 21 August (all day)
C1.35 #1Global electricity network feasibility studyJ. Yu311 & 312Mon 22 August (all day)
C1.35 #2Global electricity network feasibility studyJ. Yu334Tue 23 August (am)
Tutorial Best PracticeClosed meeting of representatives from all SCs to share experience in organising Tutorials and to define best practiceK. BellTBDTBD